Excel has concluded "study on climate change adaptation" for helpage in District JACOBABAD    ****    Excel has concluded " Post KAP Survey of project AIM TO WORK FOR ACHIEVEMENT OF RIGHT AND EMPOWERMENT FOR MARVI RURAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION MRDO Under DAI funding in District SHKKAR and GHOTKI    *****     Excel is Conducting endline study on Youth's health issues in SANGHAR and TANDO ALLAHYAR for sustainable development foundation SDF Under CUP-USAID FUNDS

Capacity Building

We work closely with our partners to develop and implement sustainable plans, to connect them with expert trainers to help leaders obtain skills and design curricula to train participants, and to create new ways to share resources through our international level network, enabling them to become local agents for change.

Excel in Development has Expertise to Help Build NGO Capacity

Experience in identifying, matching and supporting expert advisers to work with NGOs throughout the developing world.  EiD has long emphasized expanding and strengthening the skills of local experts and trainers to reduce dependency on external experts and further contribute to sustainability.
Broad networks that allow for access to professionals who can advise on policy issues, assist and coach in program development, fundraising, communications and evaluation and strengthen the networks of partnering NGOs in fields such as education, energy, youth and development, workforce development, humanitarian assistance, health and environmental sustainability, among others.

Partnerships with renown experts to train local NGOs to use digital media to strengthen their organizations and to offer standardized training in technology programs, new media and informing their local communities.

A proven history of providing training, coaching, and ongoing support for business planning for sustainability for our NGO partners.

Robust and personalized NGO support services, including private sector outreach and resource and skill development workshops.

Expertise training NGOs to design and implement, sustainable business plans on a cost recovery model.

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