Excel has concluded "study on climate change adaptation" for helpage in District JACOBABAD    ****    Excel has concluded " Post KAP Survey of project AIM TO WORK FOR ACHIEVEMENT OF RIGHT AND EMPOWERMENT FOR MARVI RURAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION MRDO Under DAI funding in District SHKKAR and GHOTKI    *****     Excel is Conducting endline study on Youth's health issues in SANGHAR and TANDO ALLAHYAR for sustainable development foundation SDF Under CUP-USAID FUNDS

Beneficiary Assessment

“… is an approach to information gathering which assesses the value of an activity as it is perceived by its principal users” (World Bank, 2002:1)

For us beneficiary is not just a client it is rather beyond that. Everyone at every tier having an impact of our services is our beneficiary. Therefore, Excel In Development focuses its services to be flexible enough to reach to its targets at ease. We make it an inbuilt feature of our planning and is a cross cutting theme throughout our relationship with our clients.

Tools for Beneficiary Assessment

We trust on our skills and approaches therefore have one of the growing portfolios in Development and Corporate sector.

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