Excel has concluded "study on climate change adaptation" for helpage in District JACOBABAD    ****    Excel has concluded " Post KAP Survey of project AIM TO WORK FOR ACHIEVEMENT OF RIGHT AND EMPOWERMENT FOR MARVI RURAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION MRDO Under DAI funding in District SHKKAR and GHOTKI    *****     Excel is Conducting endline study on Youth's health issues in SANGHAR and TANDO ALLAHYAR for sustainable development foundation SDF Under CUP-USAID FUNDS

Fund Raisingproposal writing

Excel In Development provides support and expertise for organizations who are willing to participate in open call from donors to work for their communities.

Generally this is for new or repeat donors to supply organizations with ample funds to serve the needy communities. We offer in-depth experience of managing and writing fundraising proposals across a range of themes – social and corporate.
So far our success rate has been 80% + which means out of every 10 proposals we have written 8 have been awarded for sure. The success rate has increased when recently our written proposals ascended to final levels. We strive for best write up and fundraising activity design.
We help Program Development Teams develop their bids and structure their proposals.This may be achieved by running story-boarding workshops and offering coaching for writers and contributors. But we also work on ‘the inside’, managing and writing live bids as part of your team. We know that bids can be compromised by lack of resources and shortage of time. So, we get right in there and help drive the bid forward.
All this can be working at your premises and spread across a few days, a few weeks or as long as you require to achieve your organization’s objectives. Every call is different.

We have been helping following organizations in raising funds recently:

  • AWARE -Citizen voice – USAID Funded Project
  • BSWA- Community Development Programme of Sindh Government  and Aurat Foundation (Gender Equity Programme)
  • SRPO- Community Development Programme of Sindh Government
  • DevCon-  Small grant Programme USAID/NRSP, Gender Equity Programme, Citizens Voice USAID
  • ASK Development- Care International, Small Grant Programme USAID/NRSP www.askdevelopment.org
  • CSSP- ILIM IDEA- DIFD Funded Project
  • Village Development Organization (VDO)- Care International
  • Community Development Council (CDC)-  Community Development Programme of Government of Sindh
  • Women- Gender Equity Programme/ Aurat Foundation
  • Coastal Association for Research and Development- Gender Equity Programme/Aurat Foundation-

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